After nearly 30 years quietly hibernating in a box of beloved artwork, THE ADOPTION of BORIS has arrived! Now you can read the story of Christopher and his adopted dinosaur Boris - an adoption story very similar to his own.

This warm and personal story of a four-year-old and his beloved stuffed dinosaur is complemented with vintage watercolor illustrations. Christopher's own adoption comes vividly to life as he sets out to create an adoption scrapbook for his dinosaur pal, Boris. The misadventures of this unlikely pair strengthen Chris's love for Boris and help him understand the true meaning of adoption.

THE ADOPTION of BORIS is a 40-page softcover picture book with full color illustrations. It is available for $9.15 at the eBookstore. If you wish to purchase it now, please click on the link below:



"It is difficult to find many good books about adoption for our own four-year-old adoptive son. What we really liked about this book is that adoption is at the heart of the book but does not need to take center stage. The family in 'Boris' is defined by love, caring, adventures and finally adoption. Adoption brings families together but our lives are fueled by the first is really a universal story." - Nancy Biondi, adoptive mother

"Such a beautiful, moving tribute. And your lovely words to me were so sweet. I cannot imagine how this must have touched the hearts of your family. It certainly touched mine." - Ruby Tanaka, children's book writer and artist

"With warmth and humor Penny Holland tells the story of Chris and his adopted dinosaur, Boris.  From the first page when Auntie Paige sews up Boris as a birthday surprise for Chris, to the moment when Boris falls off a ladder into a pail of black gunk, we see the caring and adventures of a young boy, who really, really wants to take care of his adopted dinosaur as lovingly as his mom and dad have taken care of him since his own adoption.  And when Chris rescues Boris from the black gunk, and he and his family all help to fix Boris up “Good as New,”  Chris makes the wonderful discovery that adoption is all about love, even when things don’t always go right.A beautiful story for children and adults alike, sharing the truth of adopted love in a tender and humorous way." - Peggy King Anderson, children's book author and teacher. 

"A cherished book that will be enjoyed by many children and parents for generations." - Donna Keeler, adoptive parent